Tuesday, July 5, 2011

185/365 Cocks of hay

4th July

My family made cocks of hay. No baler and only a small field so it was the best way for them.

184/365 More cycling

3rd July

Taking advantage of the good weather.........

183/365 Del boys van

2nd July

Picture taken in Ardcath on a cycle there.

Friday, July 1, 2011

182/365 Free range eggs

1st July

My mother bought some free range eggs in a local farm shop. I have never seen so much chicken poo on an egg before from eggs sold in a shop.

181/365 Peek-a-boo

30th June

Here is my husband. One of the few pics he will let me put up of him!

180/365 More cows

29th June

I have got to stop taking pics of cows but here are some from the field beside me. Some are camera shy and tried to run away!

179/365 First carrots

28th June

I was convinced my carrots would be ready but it wasn't to be. Gave us a good laugh though!