Tuesday, July 5, 2011

185/365 Cocks of hay

4th July

My family made cocks of hay. No baler and only a small field so it was the best way for them.

184/365 More cycling

3rd July

Taking advantage of the good weather.........

183/365 Del boys van

2nd July

Picture taken in Ardcath on a cycle there.

Friday, July 1, 2011

182/365 Free range eggs

1st July

My mother bought some free range eggs in a local farm shop. I have never seen so much chicken poo on an egg before from eggs sold in a shop.

181/365 Peek-a-boo

30th June

Here is my husband. One of the few pics he will let me put up of him!

180/365 More cows

29th June

I have got to stop taking pics of cows but here are some from the field beside me. Some are camera shy and tried to run away!

179/365 First carrots

28th June

I was convinced my carrots would be ready but it wasn't to be. Gave us a good laugh though!

178/365 Stuck in traffic

27th June

On way home traffic was diverted down a country road because of a fatal car crash. I was disturbed to find out later that the poor girl had been in the ditch dead for a number of hours without anyone realising she was missing. May she RIP.

177/365 Breakfast

26th June

The hodson bay is lovely for families but is a very busy hotel. We had heard there are queues for breakfast so wisely had breakfast in our rooms.

176/365 Away with the in-laws to Athlone

25th June

As a surprise for my father-in-law we all stayed in Hodson bay, Athlone. This is a view of the River Shannon.

175/365 College days and study days

24th June

I attended a study day which was very interesting. I then drove at a snails pace home from Galway as the rain was heavy non-stop for my journey. Very annoying when the roads are so good and you just want to get home to wine and my husband (poor husband but that night the red wine was my no.1!).

174/365 Pink food

23rd June

I went to Nimo's restaurant in Spanish Arch, Galway city for a committee meeting for an advisory group I am on prior to the study day we were running the next day. I was so glad when someone else took a picture of the food so I could take one too (I didn't know the people that well). The food was fab and the strong pink colour was a beetroot sauce.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

173/365 Samuel Beckett Bridge

22nd June

I love this bridge! It shaved off 5 mins driving for me when I lived in Ballsbridge but I love the way it looks like a sail or a harp on its side.

172/365 Flowers

21st June Longest day of the year. Non stop rain all day :( 

171/365 Pheasant

A pheasant came into my garden. If I have to move from country I will miss the animals and birds that visit.

Monday, June 27, 2011

170/365 View of Dublin

19th June

On my way home from great concert.........

169/365 Take That Concert

18th June

It was my friend Alisons hen. It was such a brilliant concert. Robbie was my favourite. It was difficult to choose a fave pic from the night but here is the robot which after Robbie had everyone talking!

168/365 BBQ

17th June

I forgot to take a pic of the bbq I had with my friends. When my parents were on holidays we had a 10 year anniversary to celebrate finishing leaving cert- any excuse! It was a great night. I should have taken a pic of the caramel slices I made but they went very quickly (to my waistline)!!!

167/365 Red pumps

16th June

166/365 Buttons

15th June

A collection of my scrapbooking buttons.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

165/365 Canvas picture

14th June

I got my first photograph done on a canvas. I was quite impressed with the results especially considering I took the picture on my phone. It was taken almost 4 years ago in Australia watching sunset from Kata Tjuta (The Olgas).

164/365 Tomato plants

13th June

I did say a lot of my blog would be my plants! The tomato plants are flying up!

163/365 Booking holiday

12th June

Looking out the heavy rain I knew I had to confirm my holiday. As we have no kids or a mortgage we have decided to go crazy and go to Tanzania. I can't wait!

162/365 Orchard

11th June

My nanny has a very small orchard. I have a romantic dream of having room for a small orchard in my own garden.

161/365 Vegetable garden

10th June

The carrots and broccoli are growing well. In another few weeks I should have some carrots!

160/365 Rose

9th June

My nanny has lots of roses growing in her garden. Here is one caught in a rare blue sky moment during June!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

159/365 Fun sticker

8th June

I saw this sticker in Dublin. It made me laugh!

158/365 Cow fun

7th June

I took this pic at the weekend so technically I'm cheating but I love it!

Monday, June 6, 2011

157/365 Marathon Ready

6th June

I was meant to do the mini marathon but I'm not feeling well today. Here is pic of my sister and my mam. Hope they do well as it is a great charity. The picture over their head says "A woman's work is never done".

156/365 Traffic jam in Clashmore

5th June

Traffic jam?

155/365 Ballycotton

4th June

We went for a lovely walk along cliff in Ballycotton. Beautiful views then a yummy picnic. Great night in Clashmore The Old Still pub!

154/365 Dungarvan

3rd June

Away for 2 nights with 3 friends. Had dinner in a lovely pub in Dungarvan on first night.

153/365 BBQ

2nd June

After a beautiful day of sunshine, dinner is BBQ burgers and sausages with some wine! NYOM NYOM.

152/365 Rain, rain go away

Another day of rain but heatwave is meant to be around the corner!

151/365 Ladybirds

31st May

I love ladybirds! I have memories of trying to collect them when a child but then being disgusted when they left a yellow substance on my hand!!

150/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE - A picture of me

30th May - last day of challenge!

This is a picture of me from 27th May. I decided to play drums in local pub the night before the Slane concert. I'll be a support act for Slane 2012.

149/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE - Something in your fridge

29th May

Showing the healthy contents of my fridge!

148/365 - 30 Day Challenge - Something purple

28th May

My overnight bag is a cool purply colour!

147/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE - Handwriting

27th May

Ok technically not my handwriting but sums up my weekend!

146/365- 30 DAY CHALLENGE - Something that means alot to you.

26th May

My sister means a lot to me. She may drive me mad sometimes but is still one of my best friends. I like this pic of us taken on day of Slane concert (28th May). I am the one in the pink t shirt and the hungover eyes.

145/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE - A souvenir from a vacation.

25th May

I got this in Tokyo with the idea that when I have a house I will have a Japanese themed room. I have gone off the idea since being to other places in the world but will definitely have it on display somewhere as I love it!

144/365 30 DAY CHALLENGE - Something you shouldn’t have bought, but did anyways.

24th May

This picture was one Derek took of the burger I ate on the way home from a night out. It was such a bad idea but then I'm sure I was sick the next day from the alcohol I had too! Please note picture are not fully to date!

143/365 30 DAY CHALLENGE - A book you've been reading

23rd May

I love to read but go through phases of it. At the moment I'm only reading recipe books such as this one which is bad for my waistline.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

142/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE - Something sweet

22nd May
My mint choc mousses I made were sweet and delicious. First time I made them and will definitely made them again. Would have had more mint if Derek hadn't kept munching on the Wiltons mint crisps I was using.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

141/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- Something from you bathroom

21st May
My shower cap is cool! It is from the soap and glory range which I love!

140/365- 30 DAY CHALLENGE- A stuffed doll/animal you own

20th May
My nanny bought this raccoon for me when we brought her to the zoo 3 years ago. We brought her last year too. She loved it and meerkats are her favourite animal so the meerkat restaurant was particularly enjoyable for her. The meerkat teddies weren't as cute though.

139/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- Something you don't have too much of

19th May

Wine!!! At the moment the wine rack is very empty :(

138/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- Something you are currently borrowing from someone

18th May
This fancy dress costume was worn by my dad over a month ago. I borrowed it from my brother in law. Thankfully he hasnt had any fancy dress parties to go to in that time as I have forgot to give it back so many times.

137/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- Something that you have too much of and is taking up uneccessary space

17th May
Clothes!.I end up wearing a few things during the week and I do acknowledge that I have far too many but only go on a mad clear out every few months. This picture does not show everything but some 3 of the shelves are DHs!

136/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- Something that makes you sad

16th May
Since I got sky plus I am recording old episodes of Dawsosn Creek which is really sad and childish to do! The characters annoy me so much. I think I more sad though by the fact that I find I am watching more tv as a result!

135/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- A device you own but never use/touch

15th May
This video camera was a wonderful present from friends. They recorded our wedding and we have watched it a number of times. However, I don't think I will be filming anything until we have kids and then I will try use it loads.

134/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- Somewhere you went today

14th May
Because I'm catching up with my blog I technically did not go here this day but here is a pic of my friends pekin whom we visited in May. DH and I would love to get chickens and I hope we can get a house in the country so we have enough room.