Sunday, May 22, 2011

142/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE - Something sweet

22nd May
My mint choc mousses I made were sweet and delicious. First time I made them and will definitely made them again. Would have had more mint if Derek hadn't kept munching on the Wiltons mint crisps I was using.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

141/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- Something from you bathroom

21st May
My shower cap is cool! It is from the soap and glory range which I love!

140/365- 30 DAY CHALLENGE- A stuffed doll/animal you own

20th May
My nanny bought this raccoon for me when we brought her to the zoo 3 years ago. We brought her last year too. She loved it and meerkats are her favourite animal so the meerkat restaurant was particularly enjoyable for her. The meerkat teddies weren't as cute though.

139/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- Something you don't have too much of

19th May

Wine!!! At the moment the wine rack is very empty :(

138/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- Something you are currently borrowing from someone

18th May
This fancy dress costume was worn by my dad over a month ago. I borrowed it from my brother in law. Thankfully he hasnt had any fancy dress parties to go to in that time as I have forgot to give it back so many times.

137/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- Something that you have too much of and is taking up uneccessary space

17th May
Clothes!.I end up wearing a few things during the week and I do acknowledge that I have far too many but only go on a mad clear out every few months. This picture does not show everything but some 3 of the shelves are DHs!

136/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- Something that makes you sad

16th May
Since I got sky plus I am recording old episodes of Dawsosn Creek which is really sad and childish to do! The characters annoy me so much. I think I more sad though by the fact that I find I am watching more tv as a result!

135/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- A device you own but never use/touch

15th May
This video camera was a wonderful present from friends. They recorded our wedding and we have watched it a number of times. However, I don't think I will be filming anything until we have kids and then I will try use it loads.

134/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- Somewhere you went today

14th May
Because I'm catching up with my blog I technically did not go here this day but here is a pic of my friends pekin whom we visited in May. DH and I would love to get chickens and I hope we can get a house in the country so we have enough room.


133/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- Nature

13th May
My mam is growing this beautiful rhododendron. I just love the colour of it. 

132/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- A sneak pic you took in work

12th May

Incase you don't know I am an occupational therapist and part of my job is recommending equipment to enable persons to be as independent and safe as possible. As the brochure I am looking at shows, I advise on raised toilet seats, commodes etc. It annoys me now that due to cutbacks some of my patients have to buy this equipment which should be available to them. Please note occupational therapists don't just give out equipment!!

131/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- Your pet

11th May

Technically not my pet but my nanny's. This is Bertie a stray who came in 10 years ago. We all spoil him. He just got his hair cut and my nanny put a jacket on him to keep him warm! When in New York a few years ago I bought him a three dollar jacket as a joke and she found it hilarious and started buying him a few more!

130/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- A product you use in your hair

10th May

129/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- Shoes

9th May

I have already posted a selection of my shoes. These are my current favs! The nude patent ones are Carvela which I bought in Tk Maxx a few months ago.

128/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- What you had for lunch today

8th May
I try have fruit and yoghurt each day. I'm loving that strawberries are coming back into season again. Here is one of the strawberries I had today!

127/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- A picture of your phone

7th May
I use my phone's camera for this blog so I took a picture of the house phone. It was only meant to be a temporary phone borrowed from my nanny but my parents still have it. I suppose it'll be helpful for them in 20 years when their eyesight deteriorates!

126/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE - Someone who inspires you

May 6th

My mam is one of the people who inspire me to be a better person. She is involved in so many community activities: Brownies, ICA, Alarms for the Elderly as well as being carer for my nanny. I was very lucky to have her every evening at home with me helping with my homework and I hope I can be as good a mother as she is. This is a picture of her with my aunt. My mam is on the left. She doesn't look like she is turning 50 this year!

125/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- A cup you drank from today

5th May

I love this mug. My mam bought it for my dad a few years ago.

124/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- Something that stresses you out

4th May

Time at work stresses me out. I do a lot of unpaid overtime as I just can't get everything done in 7 hours a day. Due to my contract I never get the time back and while I try to leave on time every day it just doesn't happen. (This is my clock at home)

123/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- Something that you collect

DVD's. We have over a hundred. Most of them were under 10euro in sales in HMV. I also love tv boxsets and Gilmore Girls is my guilty pleasure.

122/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- Something that makes you smile

This pic always makes me smile. It is DH and I snorkelling in Great Barrier Reef. I get a bit freaked out by the sea but was totally mesmerized by what I saw that I almost forgot where I was swimming. We went to Oz 3 years ago for 4 weeks and had such a wonderful time. I always wanted to go since my aunt used to send postcards and showed me her pictures of her time away. This pic was one of the highlights of our trip and I always smile when I see it thinking wow we were there!

121/365 - 30 DAY CHALLENGE- Anything: Sunflower babies

1st May:
For our wedding favours we got favour packs from the Irish Hospice Foundation with sunflower seeds. I was keen on doing wedding favours but I loved the idea of giving some money to charity. My aunt particularly loved the idea and gathered loads of the packs at the end of the night and grew some of them for us. As we don't have a house yet we are going to plant them in my nannys. Should be a great pic in a few months!!!

120/365 - Peppers

This pic was taken a few weeks ago and was the first pepper shoot I had. I now have 9 plants. I was curious to see if they would grow but can't actually eat much pepper or I get heartburn!

119/365 - Royal Wedding

I love looking at anyones wedding so I was glued to the tv on 29th April.This is a pic from a newspaper the next day. No matter what I do it keeps going sideways. Sorry!

118/365 - Refusal

I was so hoping I wouldn't see this stamp on the letter from Meath Co.Council but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be. I am a big believer in things happening for a reason so we'll see what happens.

117/365 - Daisies

My dad sees them as weeds and tries to kill them but I love them in a garden!